UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, holistic approach, MY approach.


My goal is to raise the level of family and of newborn photography.


I want that people know how important choosing baby photographer actually is.

My purpose, or the purpose of my approach, is to equip YOU WITH TOOLS that will make it easier and less stressful to work with newborns, children and parents. At the same time, I want to bring you into the world of personal growth, which is vital for success and a successful business career. By working on yourself, you are at every point of your life and/or work in a better position than a person on the other side.


MY APPROACH the newborn.

An extraordinary part of a family photo is a newborn photograph.

Family Photography is not just photography. It’s important time, spent with a newly created family, or family that has been increased by a new member. As a photographer, you receive their first moments together. You enter the story when they have not even met each other well.

They face a different rhythm, a different dynamic.


Taking care of each other.

Identifying needs, handling a newborn / infant.

Cooperation with a family that has accepted the new being is a collection of many things.

A lot of feelings, fears and also indication of things.

A self-confident approach, the belief in yourself is the answer – it’s what you need as a person / photographer when you start working with a newly-minted mother.

My role is not just the role of a photographer.

I feel like I’m a psychotherapist.
I’m also mum to two beautiful girls.
I am a person who lovingly handles the newborn / infant through the understanding of the baby’s motor development.
I am a stylist, because I take care of modern clothes and I provide them in the studio.
I am the leader and organizer.

I am a photographer who sees well, knows how to set up, who can direct.

Through the above mentioned, I want to prepare you for your cooperation with families.

– Self-confident approach (what are my biggest obstacles, for progress, for success, and my self-esteem)

– In order to be able to work peacefully with people and children on the other hand you need inner peace, which you can provide by working on yourself (the best study for life)

– Handling the baby (understanding the newborn / infant development). What instructions to give parents how to take the newborn, in what position the newborn baby will be best felt. In what position he will be most comfortable.

All of this will be part of a workshop in March.

My approach includes:

  • My personal approach to family, newborn (theoretical part).


  • Hosting psychotherapist Mojca Stonič in my studio. She will spend two hours with us, where she will present our main obstacles to success, progress, breakthrough. After group work, each one has a one-time (booked) visit to Mojca, where she will start her journey. The way of work on itself, the path of personal growth, which is of key importance for good business. Prohibitions and existences.
  • Visit to Tjaša Kočevar, who will spend two hours with us. She will teach you about handling a newborn. A newborn will be with us, so you can handle him yourself.


  • Working with family, My approach, cooperation with infant, wrap, layout, photography (practical part).


  • Photo editing.

The workshop will take place in my studio on Ljubljanska cesta 68, 1230 Domžale.